3D Printing High Precision Parts with PµSL

Additive Manufacturing has made significant strides in recent years with new processes, materials and applications. However, one of the overlooked areas is the ability to 3D print high resolution parts for industrial applications. These parts are not only difficult to prototype using existing 3D printers, these parts are often much more expensive and complicated to manufacture. Until now, there hasn’t been a good solution for 3D printing high precision parts with the required resolution and accuracy. Learn how a unique process called Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) prints true microstructures with ultra-high printing resolution (2µm~50µm) and printing tolerance (+/- 10µm ~ +/- 25µm).

Watch this webinar to learn:

  1. about PµSL and how it’s a game changer for 3D printing high precision parts;
  2. why PµSL is a game changer in electrical, medical, MEMS and microfluidic applications;
  3. AM’s advantages over traditional manufacturing


Blaise Will Headshot

Blaise Will is Senior Product Manager at Boston Micro Fabrication, an additive manufacturing technology company focused on high resolution, accuracy, and precision. Blaise has been working in advanced manufacturing for the past decade, specializing in new technology implementation and strategic partnerships. Blaise kicked off her career in China where she managed international projects and partnerships in the automotive and electrical equipment industries, and most recently worked at Desktop Metal where she helped Fortune 500 customers implement metal 3D printing for mass production. Blaise earned a B.A. from Brandeis and an MBA from INSEAD.

John Kawola Headshot

John Kawola is the CEO of Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) an additive manufacturing technology company with a focus on high resolution, accuracy and precision. From 2016 to 2019, John served as President-Americas for Ultimaker, the leading open source desktop 3D printing company. From 2012 to 2016, John was the CEO of Harvest Automation. Harvest developed and deployed an autonomous mobile robotic platform that assists workers with difficult, repetitive material handling. John was VP of Sales and then CEO of Z Corporation from 1997 until 2012. Z Corporation led the way in introducing fast, easy to use and full color 3D printing into a wide range of industries. John is also currently the Chairman of Labminds, a laboratory automation technology company and a Board Director at Industrial ML, an industrial machine learning company. John received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer and an MBA from Union College.