Light Source
UV-LED (405nm)
Printing Material
Photosensitive Resin
Exposure Resolution
XY Printing Resolution
Layer Thickness
Surface Roughness
0.4-0.8µm Ra (top)
1.5-2.5µm Ra (side)
Printing Area
mode1:3.84 × 2.16 × 10mm
mode2:38.4 × 21.6 × 10mm
mode3:50 × 50 × 10mm
Printing Height
Input Data File Format
Power Supply
External Dimensions
1720(L) × 650(W) × 1820mm(H)
Total Weight


Customizable high-resolution optical system
and movement platform (with resolution down
to 2μm)
Step-and-repeat process that allows for achievement of both high resolution and
large area
Controlled processing technology to produce highly precise 3D printed objects
Real-time image monitoring, auto focus, and
exposure compensation
Operation software with microArch graphic
interface system and customer parameter setting
The microArch 3D printing system is able to realize ultra-high resolution, large-area printing that is used in industrial prototyping and short-run production.

Customer Support Services

  • Free operation training and technical consultations
  • Repair services for damaged parts
  • Software updates
  • Team response within 24 hours, and on-site repair professionals (if needed) within one week

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