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Micro 3D printing in the electronics industry is changing the way designers and manufacturers prototype products. Injection molding has long been the go-to, really the only, method for electronic additive manufacturing processes, but Boston Micro Fabrication’s PµSL technology offers a practical alternative. The results that the BMF microArch® printers can achieve are outstanding in terms of resolution, cost, and speed.

We’ve developed the world’s most accurate micro-precision 3D printers that produce parts at industrial speeds. We’d be glad to print a 3D sample part so that you can experience the quality of our products and services first-hand. Or, if you’re ready to start streamlining your research and design processes, request a quote to have us print your part via our in-house 3D printing services.

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The Feasibility of 3D Printing in Manufacturing: Comparing Injection Molding, Traditional 3D Printing, and Projection Micro Stereolithography

Prototyping Electronic Components with PµSL

Applications for Micro 3D Printing in the World of AR/VR

Customer Story: 3D Integrated Microelectronic Subsystems and Additive Manufacturing

Electronic Component 3D Printing: Video Round Up

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