The Best Micro 3D Printing Solutions On the Market

3D microprinting, also known as micro-scale printing, is a micro-fabrication technique that allows the design of very small sizes, at the micrometer scale and below. Particularly popular in the electronics industry, it is growing steadily, with more solutions available on the market. Micro 3D printers are therefore able to deposit successive layers of material to form a part that is both tiny and highly detailed. In addition to the electronics sector, where they are used to miniaturize devices, these machines are increasingly used in the health and optical sectors. This is a review of the 3D microprinters on the market, whether they are based on resins, powders or glass.

2023 3D Printing Predictions: 3D Printing in Healthcare

Technological innovations are considered among the top priorities for the healthcare industry, especially following the impact of the pandemic, which has challenged the traditional functioning of healthcare systems worldwide. Three years after the onset of Covid-19 took center stage, it has become clear that a paradigm shift has accelerated the need for new and innovative ecosystems, promising to aid complicated surgeries, help patient recovery, and ease time and financial pressures for medical institutions.

10 Important Developments in Additive Manufacturing Seen at Formnext 2022

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) is a maker of photopolymer systems for tiny, precise parts — but that means it is inherently a maker of machines for production, because large quantities of the tiny parts can be run in one build. Its new machine seen at the show includes automatic door opening for robot access, again in anticipation of what seems likely to be a coming user need.

Editor’s Pick: 3D printing at 25µm

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) introduces the microArch S350, the newest member of its growing family of micro-photopolymer 3D printers. The S350 is a 25µm platform, which BMF says allows it to print micro-scale parts with high-resolution features or small parts requiring high accuracy or precision.

Top 3D Printers Launched at Formnext 2022

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) released its latest resin micro 3D printing machine, the microArch S350, the week before Formnext. The microArch S350 is BMF’s highest throughput printer designed for end-part production, the company says, because it can not only print microscale parts with high-resolution (down to 10 μm) features, but also an array of small parts requiring high accuracy or precision in volume. The machine is aimed at researchers and manufacturers for prototyping and production in the 1,000-30,000 part volume range.

Hardware, Collaborations, and QMS: AM News Roundup for October 31-November 11

BMF, Sintratec, Desktop Metal, Quantica, SLM, and Axtra3D all announced new 3D printers. Looking to the next generation of hardware, Vitro3D announced seed financing to develop a volumetric additive manufacturing platform. Several collaborations were announced including Stratasys and Axial3D, Align Technology and Desktop Metal, Henkel and Quad Industries, as well as Sigma Additive Solutions and SLM Solutions. Looking to quality management systems, Stratasys announced validation of several materials and Sigma Additive announced a software module for machine health data logs.