Pictured above is a micro 3D printed glaucoma stent, a medical device that is inserted into the eye as a treatment protocol for glaucoma.  This part is traditionally machined in production which is very expensive.

A desktop SLA machine will give you about 50µm resolution as you can see on the far right.  An industrial SLA system will give 30µm resolution.  With the BMF process, you can get down to resolution that will be appropriate for this part and will be printed “true to CAD”.

Capable of achieving resolution of 2µm~50µm and tolerance of +/- 5µm~25µm, BMF’s PµSL technology provides mold-free, ultra-high-resolution fast prototyping and end part capability.

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Can Microscale 3D Printing Reduce Surgeries for Glaucoma Sufferers?

Additive manufacturing (AM) sometimes offers a simpler approach to production compared to conventional manufacturing, but just as often, AM is chosen because it permits a design advantage other processes cannot achieve. Eye stents used in glaucoma surgery might be an application that achieves both. Microscale 3D printing promises to simplify how these eye stents are made, while also improving the experience for the patient by reducing the number of glaucoma surgeries from two to only one.

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