Scalable manufacturing for novel, painless vaccine delivery

Collaborators led by Carnegie Mellon University are developing a novel approach to COVID-19 inoculation that addresses both immunological effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency with a low-dose, inexpensive, hybrid microneedle array (Hybrid-MNA) technology.

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3D Printing Molds for COVID-19 Testing at UC Berkeley

Microfluidic multiplex devices are used in the analysis of protein biomarkers, biological characteristics that let researchers measure and evaluate normal biological, pathogenic, or pharmacological processes. Microfluidics, the manipulation of small volumes of fluid and flow, is used widely in point-of-care (POC) devices for clinical diagnostics and supports multiplexing, the quantitative measurement of multiple protein biomarkers for complex lab procedures involving cancer or COVID-19. In the case study, we will learn how two students at UC Berkeley are 3D printing molds for COVID-19 testing.

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Making Miniaturization Manageable

As the rapid response to COVID19-induced needs continues to demonstrate, 3D printing and additive manufacturing possess great potential to fill a growing number of needs. From quickly ramping up to produce PPEs to enabling manufacturers to look for new ways to produce complex parts that pose challenges with other production approaches. This evolution will only intensify as progressive manufacturers work to find new applications suitable for this maturing technology. The ability to accurately produce smaller parts is a prime example.

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