BMF integrates Materialise Magics Print with PμSL 3D printing tech

BY Nita Vaidya

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has partnered with Materialise to integrate Magics Print with its Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) 3D printing systems.

PμSL technology has been brought to market to enable the 3D printing of intricate parts in industries like microfluidics, biotech and electronics. It was first released into the Chinese market before announcing its global launch around 12 months ago and has now been packaged into a portfolio of six machines.

Now, the company has sought to align with Materialise to leverage its industry-leading build preparation capabilities. With the support of Magics Print, BMF says it has improved support structure generation, gaining more types and styles which can be customised for the users’ geometries, which has resulted in ‘greater build success, even more accuracy and a large reduction of overall pre-processing times.’ Users also have the ability to translate, rotate and scale parts; duplicate and orient them with automatic tools; harness customisable profiles for Point, Line, Block, Cone and Tree support structures; and create high resolution build data using the Magics Build Processor.

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