Boston Micro Fabrication’s Highest-Resolution 3D Printer Wins At TCT Awards 2022

BY Laura Galloway

The company’s microArch™ S230 printer beat ten other finalists for the TCT Hardware Award – Polymer Systems 

BOSTON – June 10, 2022 Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the pioneer in microscale 3D printing systems, today announced that the microArch™ S230, its most advanced and highest-resolution microscale 3D printer, was recognized as a TCT Awards 2022 winner for the TCT Hardware Award – Polymer Systems category. 

Launched in late 2021, the microArch™ S230 is the latest addition to BMF’s roster of industrial-grade micro-precision 3D printers, designed for applications that require ultra-high resolution prints (down to 2μm) with unprecedented accuracy, precision and speed. The printer is built upon BMF’s patented Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) technology, a technique that allows for rapid photopolymerization of an entire layer of liquid polymer using a flash of UV light at micro- scale resolution, but with a larger build volume (50x50x50mm) and up to 5 times faster prints than previous models in the 2μm series.

“Miniaturization continues to dominate nearly every industry, but as parts get smaller, they traditionally become harder to design, more expensive to manufacture and more complicated to put into production. With the microArch™ S230, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ” said John Kawola, CEO of BMF. “We’re honored to be named the winner in such a competitive category and thank the judges for recognizing our impact on the industry as we open doors for new applications on the smallest scale for industries that were once left out of additive manufacturing entirely.” 

BMF team at TCT awards

The BMF team at the TCT Awards

The annual TCT Awards program brings together industry leaders to celebrate the innovators, technologies and collaborators behind the best examples of additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design and engineering across the globe. BMF beat out ten other finalists, the most of any other category, to win the TCT Hardware Award – Polymer Systems, which recognizes technologies that “push the boundaries of polymer processing, bringing innovative improvements or entirely new technologies to the table.” 

The esteemed TCT Expert Advisory Board, made up of a host of 3D printing technology and industry experts, made the selection. 

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About Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF)

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) specializes in micro precision 3D printing. The company’s microArch system uses a 3D printing approach called PμSL (Projection Micro-Stereolithography) that leverages light, customizable optics, a high-quality movement platform and controlled processing technology to produce the industry’s most accurate and precise high-resolution 3D prints for product development, research and industrial short run production. The technology represents a true industry breakthrough by empowering product manufacturers to capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing without sacrificing quality or scale.

Founded in 2016, BMF has offices in Boston, Shenzhen and Tokyo. For more information on BMF, please visit or follow the company on LinkedIn.