Boston Micro Fabrication Announces Partnership with TECCLUSTER A/S

BY Laura Galloway

Boston Micro Fabrication expands coverage in Scandinavia

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), the leader in micro-precision 3D printing systems, today announced their partnership with TECCLUSTER A/S, a Scandinavian supplier of 3D technology from leading market manufacturers located in Kolding, Denmark. TECCLUSTER have added BMF’s microArch S140 to their 3D printing center in Kolding, which includes more than 2,000m² of advanced machinery, including 5-axis milling machines and 3D technologies. TECCLUSTER will distribute BMF’s line of micro-precision 3D printers to customers throughout Scandinavia who are looking for an ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision micro 3D printing solution as well as provide local application engineering and technical support.

The microArch S140 is a micro-precision 3D printer capable of achieving resolutions of 10µm and tolerances of +/- 25µm, thus providing mold-free, ultra-high-precision fast prototyping and end part capability.  The microArch line of 3D printers uses a proprietary approach to 3D printing named PμSL (Projection Micro Stereolithography) that leverages light and enables the technology to produce incredibly high-resolution prints. Today, BMF has the only micro 3D printing platform that matches precision injection molding in terms of resolution, size, and tolerance.


“I have been working with 3D Printers since 1990 and the printers from BMF are the most promising I have seen.   BMF’s technology will open up many opportunities in hearing aids, medical devices, electronics and the microelectronic mechanical systems industry. Very small high-precision parts that cannot even be injection molded can now be manufactured by micro-precision 3D printing technology. We are very pleased to be working with our new partner BMF and their professional team “said Per Lynnerup, ​Founder & Managing Director of TECCLUSTER A/S.

“We are excited to embark on our partnership with TECCLUSTER, further expanding European support network by adding an exceptional level of service and support for our Scandinavian customers. With TECCLUSTER’s long serving reputation in additive manufacturing and with vast experience in supporting enterprises and academics throughout Scandinavia we believe this significant partnership will significantly drive the enablement of precision manufacturing, miniaturization, and cutting-edge research and production techniques, within medicine, medical devices, electronics, and beyond,” said John Kawola, CEO of BMF.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact BMF or TECCLUSTER for more information.


About BMF – Boston Micro Fabrication

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) specializes in micro precision 3D printing. The company’s microArch system uses a 3D printing approach called PμSL (Projection Micro-Stereolithography) that leverages light, customizable optics, a high-quality movement platform and controlled processing technology to produce the industry’s most accurate and precise high-resolution 3D prints for product development, research and industrial short run production. The technology represents a true industry breakthrough by empowering product manufacturers to capitalize on the benefits of 3D printing without sacrificing quality or scale.

Founded in 2016, BMF has offices in Singapore, Boston, Shenzhen and Tokyo. For more information on BMF please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @bmf3d.


TECCLUSTER A/S, is a Scandinavian supplier of 3D technology providing, 3D printers, scanners, software and materials. In addition, TECCLUSTER is a supplier of customized engineering solutions, and provide rapid prototyping, high-precision machining and,- reverse engineering services to development and design of scale models and manufacturing tools.

TECCLUSTER A/S was founded in 2003. The company has been awarded several times over the years, elected Company of the Year and nominee for IT-Forum’s EY Special Award and has been 5 time winner of the Gazelle award.


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Laura Galloway