Boston Micro Fabrication Secures $24M Series D Funding to Drive High Value Applications

BY Laura Galloway

Funding supports development of end-use products across life sciences, dental, and electronics industries

Boston, Mass. // August 10, 2023 // Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions for ultra-high precision applications, has raised a $24 million Series D round led by Guotai Junan Securities. With the funding, BMF will improve its innovative research and development, further promote and extend its terminal products, and strengthen its global collaborations across medtech and high-end manufacturing.

BMF was established in 2016 and is currently the only additive manufacturing company capable of producing the highest precision at the 2μm scale. Nearly 2,000 scientific research institutions and industrial enterprises from 35 countries around the world are working with BMF to enable rapid prototyping or for more efficient production of micro-scale parts. The current funding comes just one year after BMF completed a $42 million Series C round of financing in 2022.

“We’ve proven we can meet the needs of our customers, but we know that our technology can do more. Through our Research Institute in San Diego and multiple efforts on other projects being developed globally, we’re entering an era of self-driven innovation to identify new opportunities that are uniquely enabled by our technology,” said John Kawola, CEO-Global, BMF. “This funding ensures we can continue our unwavering commitment to our customers and partners, while giving us the resources to power new innovation.”

To produce the industry’s most accurate and precise high-resolution 3D prints, BMF’s printers use Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) technology leveraging light, customizable optics, a high-quality movement platform, and controlled processing technology. By combining multiple performance materials and related post-treatment processes, BMF has developed a new precision manufacturing solution.

“Miniaturization, precision, and complexity of devices are the major trends in industrial development. Despite this market pressure, traditional manufacturing processes struggle at the smaller scale companies are now demanding,” said Xiaoning He, co-founder and CEO, BMF. “BMF’s technology can play an essential role in meeting this need. With the continued support of our investors, we will continue to empower and incubate products in related application fields and collaborate extensively with our partners to advance micro-scale additive manufacturing.”

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About Boston Micro Fabrication

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) enables highly precise, micro-scale 3D printing across healthcare, the life sciences, electronics, and machining industries. Using the company’s proprietary PμSL (Projection Micro Stereolithography) technology, the microArch system printers produce the industry’s most accurate and precise high-resolution 3D prints for product development, research, and industrial short run production. Founded in 2016, BMF has offices in Boston, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Tokyo with a research and development center in San Diego. For more information on BMF please visit or follow the company on LinkedIn.

Guotai Junan Securities

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