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BMF Customer Since: October 2021
Printer: microArch S240, 10µm system
Application: hearing health components/transducers

Sonion produces hearing health components. In this video, Sally van der Most, Development Support Services Manager at Sonion, talks about how BMF’s micro-precision 3D printing technology enabled the company to 3D print transducers and other hearing health components.

One of their parts, shown in the video, has tall, thin walls. When Sonion tried to print these with other 3D printing technologies, the walls collapsed. BMF’s microArch printers were able to print the hearing health components with the resolution, precision, and accuracy that Sonion needed.

During the iteration process, PµSL technology rapidly prototyped hearing health components without having to go through the full process of creating molds for injection molding which can take four to six weeks.

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Making the Case for Micro Precision 3D Printing.

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