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Micro manufacturing methods have evolved over time from subtractive processes such as milling and machining to micro forming and micro injection molding. In the last few years, 3D Printing has become a viable alternative, reinventing micro manufacturing.

A method called Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) is emerging as a new technology to produce parts at a length scale suited to (micro) prototypes, patterns, tools, jigs/fixtures and end-use parts.

During this webinar, John Kawola, CEO of BMF discusses the strides that have been made to bridge the gap between 3DP and manufacturing and reveals how some new developments at BMF are making micro production parts possible using micro-precision 3D printing.

You also hear from BMF partner Isometric Micro Molding, who discusses how they are using BMF’s technology to 3D print parts that are able to meet the demanding micro feature detail and dimensional requirements expected from their customers.

Watch this webinar:

  • What applications can micro-scale AM/3DP be used for
  • How to pick the right material and resolution for your application
  • How micro 3DP materials stack up to micro manufacturing materials


John Kawola HeadshotJohn Kawola is the CEO of Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) an additive manufacturing technology company with a focus on high resolution, accuracy and precision. From 2016 to 2019, John served as President-Americas for Ultimaker, the leading open source desktop 3D printing company. From 2012 to 2016, John was the CEO of Harvest Automation. Harvest developed and deployed an autonomous mobile robotic platform that assists workers with difficult, repetitive material handling. John was VP of Sales and then CEO of Z Corporation from 1997 until 2012. Z Corporation led the way in introducing fast, easy to use and full color 3D printing into a wide range of industries. John is also currently the Chairman of Labminds, a laboratory automation technology company and a Board Director at Industrial ML, an industrial machine learning company. John received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer and an MBA from Union College.

Donna Bibber HeadshotDonna Bibber currently serves as Vice-President of Business Development at Isometric Micro Molding, Inc., a solutions-based company whose mission is to use their micro injection molding expertise to deliver solutions to complex components and automated assemblies.Ms. Bibber has assisted in over 1,000 micro molding and assembly device programs.With a plastics engineering background, her expertise and unique problem-solving skills earned her an excellent reputation and is recognized nationally and internationally for her work in micro manufacturing. Ms. Bibber’s expertise in intraocular implants, bio-resorbable polymers, and PEEK implants gave rise to many new devices commercially available today.