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Small devices that require high precision, high resolution, and high accuracy are all around us. From the electronic connectors in cellphones to the tiny valves in medical pumps, these devices aren’t just small in size; many have small features with significant complexity.  Historically, micro CNC machining and micro injection molding were the only way to make precise parts like this. Both methods require paying for and waiting for tooling, which adds project costs and lengthens time-to-market.
Now that’s all changing. Thanks to PμSL technology, you can 3D print small parts with 2 μm resolution and +/- 10 μm accuracy at scale. Download the white paper to learn:

  • how PµSL works
  • why PµSL is a game changer in electrical, medical, and microfluidic applications
  • how PµSL stacks up to other additive manufacturing technologies