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Tim Grogan- Velentium Video Testimonial

BMF’s printers use a patented 3D printing technology called Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) to print ultra-high resolution, precision, and accuracy parts.  Tim Grogan, Mechanical Engineer at Velentium, talks about how BMF’s precision and accuracy allowed them to print the medical parts that they needed.

One of their applications required passing bare metallic wire through a metallic wall, while maintaining electrical isolation from the wires between each other, and the wall itself.  Velentium ordered two parts from BMF, and both were printed BMF’s RG material.

BMF allowed Velentium to rapidly protoype assemblies without having to go through the full manufacturing process.

Still curious about BMF’s technology?  Download this whitepaper and contact us.

Making the Case for Micro Precision 3D Printing.