High-Precision 3D Printing is Fueling the Fire of Innovation in Healthtech: BMF Named in BostInno Fire Awards!

BMF was recently listed as an honoree in the Healthtech category for the 2023 BostInno Fire Awards, an annual recognition of 50 companies, organizations or people that had a banner year within the local Massachusetts ecosystem.

High-precision, micro-scale 3D printing has become an essential technology for innovation in healthtech and medtech industries, as micro and nano-sized parts with complex design features are making their way into next generation tools and research technologies. From sophisticated drug delivery methods like microneedle patches for streamlined vaccine delivery to lab-on-a-chip technology, BMF’s platform, which prints down to two microns, can achieve features, resolution and precision of micro-sized components that are otherwise too costly, slow or simply impossible to manufacture through traditional processes.

Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) Technology in Action

BMF has helped customers across industries find solutions to big, technical problems by going small, and healthcare is moving forward with every advancement. A recent customer pioneered a delivery method for a groundbreaking new immunotherapy delivery method that has the potential to fundamentally change the way we treat skin cancer, and another customer prototyped an automated suturing device that has the potential to expand the availability of minimally invasive surgery across disciplines.

BMF is also a project partner in a collaboration with the University of Notthingham’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing to develop a grant-funded toolkit that will allow for easier adoption of 3D printing in medical applications, accelerating the timeline from research to development to clinical adoption.


3D printed endoscope shell

3D Printing for a Healthier Future

By enabling miniaturization and offering alternatives to traditional manufacturing methods, BMF is making it possible for healthcare to adopt 3D printing but also pushing the boundaries on healthtech innovation itself. Patients around the world will benefit from more options for preventative measures, safer procedures, and more efficient and effective therapeutics. This is just the beginning of the transformation for these industries that will create a healthier society.