High-Precision Isn’t Just for Micro Parts

High-precision is no longer just for micro parts. Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) emerged as a pioneering force in the 3D printing landscape with its global commercial launch in 2020, driven by a vision to address an underserved market —the micro-scale 3D printing market. Founded on the principle of addressing the unmet needs within this underserved segment, BMF embarked on a transformative journey to redefine precision manufacturing at the micro level. Pushing the boundaries of precision manufacturing, we have made significant strides in the realm of micro-scale 3D printing. This technology empowered industries like medical devices, electronics, optics and photonics and biopharma to create intricate, high-resolution parts with unparalleled accuracy.

Yet, as industries advanced, so did their requirements. The demand for larger components with the same level of precision became apparent. BMF’s evolution was not merely about expanding scale but redefining the conventional limits of size in additive manufacturing.

Identifying the Need

Through extensive market research and interaction with industry leaders, we identified a growing need for larger parts without compromising on quality and precision. While many traditional manufacturing methods could produce large-scale components, they often sacrificed accuracy or incurred exorbitant costs.

Industries ranging from electronics to healthcare, and from consumer goods to research & development, were looking for a solution that provided the best of both worlds – larger parts with the precision and quality associated with micro-scale manufacturing. This recognition became the cornerstone of BMF’s new vision – to break free from the confines of micro-scale and embrace larger-scale production without compromising on its commitment to precision.

Land Grid Array

The Technological Leap

The transition from micro to larger-scale manufacturing required a paradigm shift in technology. BMF embarked on a journey of innovation, investing in cutting-edge research and development to engineer a breakthrough solution, delivering the highest quality parts at a larger size, with built-in automation and speeds suitable for short-run production.

Leveraging our expertise in high-resolution additive manufacturing, BMF introduced a revolutionary advancement in our technology, the microArch S350 a 25µm platform. By marrying precision with scalability, they developed a proprietary system that could produce larger parts while maintaining the same meticulous precision and superior surface quality for which they were renowned. This created the ability to produce high-precision parts outside of the micro field.

The key lay in the refinement of hardware, software, and material science. Advanced algorithms optimized printing processes, while novel materials were formulated to meet the stringent requirements of larger-scale applications. The result was a game-changing system capable of fabricating larger parts with unparalleled accuracy and surface finish.

microArch S350 3D Printer

Redefining Precision at a Larger Scale

Boston Micro Fabrication’s evolution from a micro-scale pioneer to a trailblazer in small macro precision manufacturing represents a pivotal moment in the additive manufacturing landscape. By identifying the unmet needs of industries and investing in cutting-edge technology, BMF has shattered the constraints of micro-scale fabrication.

As we continue to redefine the boundaries of precision manufacturing, our journey towards larger, high-quality components brings forth a future where intricate, precise manufacturing is not limited by scale. This expansion is set to revolutionize processes in electronics, optics, photonics, and medical sectors, pushing the frontiers of what’s achievable in precision-driven manufacturing. BMF’s future holds a promise of even greater innovation and impact across industries, solidifying its position as a true leader in the world of advanced manufacturing as we look towards 2024 and beyond.