Introducing Our New 25 Micron Printer, the microArch® S350

Our new 25 micron printer, the microArch S350

We are very pleased to announce the new microArch S350 to our powerful lineup of high resolution, high precision 3D printers.  Our new 25 micron platform, the S350 will be available for delivery beginning in late Q1 2023.

Since coming to market a few years ago, BMF has established itself as the leader in very high resolution/high precision 3D printing, resolution and tolerances out of reach of other systems on the market.  We are actively serving customers in industries like electronics, optics/photonics, medical device, life sciences and more.

Through the use of our proprietary PµSL technology, we have proven to serve the needs of industry who demand that level of performance.  With that experience, we have expanded our line to encompass a larger range of parts and customer needs.  We previously had the P-150 system, our first 25 µm printer.  It was used primarily by researchers and was limited in its build volume.  The S350 now brings that performance with a 100×100 platform, and additional automation features demanded by our customers.  We have benchmarked our systems against other DLP systems in the market that range from 40-100 micron resolution and we can show hands-down better performance.

The S350 also opens up the possibility to use more 3rd party materials directly on the system, without adjustment.  This makes the system even more valuable.  We have announced upcoming availability of 3D Systems MED resin as well as flame retardant 3955 from Henkel.

We will be at Formnext in Germany next week.  If there, please stop by and say hello.  Or, get in touch on our website.