Newest 3D Printer Resins Available on BMF’s microArch Systems

At BMF we are continually growing our 3D printer resin portfolio of photopolymers in order to meet our customers’ strict requirements around material performance and ease of use for prototyping and end-use production.  As an open source 3D printing company, we are continually working on expanding on our existing material portfolio, and we have recently developed and validated two new materials which are now available for sale to be used on BMF’s microArch platform. These include BMF MED and LOCTITE 3D 3955.


This month we are excited to start shipping BMF MED, a custom formulated biocompatible resin BMF developed in collaboration with 3D Systems based on their Figure 4 MED-AMB 10 resin. BMF MED meets the requirements of FDA class II biocompatibility.  This combined with its great aging properties make it suitable for end-use medical device, pharmaceutical, and research applications. This 3D printer resin also features fast and simple post-processing requirements for improved ease of use.


We recently collaborated with Henkel to validate LOCTITE 3D 3955 for use on the microArch platform. This material is compatible with our new microArch S350 printer for printing flame-resistant parts with 25µm resolution. This high-performance halogen-free flame retardant UL94-V0 high modulus photopolymer resin is suitable for end use parts including electrical connectors, housings, electronic components, and other parts requiring high flame resistance or ability to withstand harsh environments.

BMF MED and LOCTITE 3D 3955 are available now for use on BMF’s microArch platforms. Visit our materials page for additional information or reach out to our team to learn more.