BMF’s open material system allows you to print with our specially formulated liquid polymers or to print with the material of your choice. Whether you use BMF's materials or choose your own, you have a variety of options available that will allow you to achieve the results you need based on your application.


GR offers the best stiffness, with good impact strength and heat resistance.


HEK is a rigid, tough material with a good combination of strength and elongation.


HTL is a high performance engineering material with high strength, rigidity, and heat resistance, able to withstand temperatures up to 140C.


UTL offers high toughness and elongation for high flexibility applications.


BIO is a biocompatible resin suitable for non-implantable medical applications. BIO can undergo sterilization and has passed numerous ISO biocompatibility tests.


RG from the Forward AM Ultracur3D® photopolymer resin line is a durable engineering material which can be used to print functional end-use parts. In addition to being biocompatible, it doesn’t uptake any water and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as electrical cases, medical devices, snappers and functional prototyping. Only available on the S240.

85 MPa
3.8 GPa
97.4 MPa
85 MPa
47.5 J/m
102 °C
86 Shore D
Strong and Tough
70.5 MPa
2.6 GPa
93.8 MPa
70.5 MPa
82 °C
85 Shore D
Yield Elongation: 5.68%
Yield Stress: 70.5Mpa
High Temp, Low Viscosity
79.3 MPa
4.2 GPa
120.6 MPa
79.3 MPa
30 J/m
140.7 °C
90 Shore D
Tg 172 °C
42.6 MPa
2 GPa
35.3 MPa
42.6 MPa
45 °C
80 Shore D
Yield Elongation: 5.6%
42 MPa
1.8 GPa
65 MPa
42 MPa
115 °C
80 Shore D
Cell culture survival rate in vitro: 81.7%
Durable, Biocompatible
42 MPa
274.3 MPa
77.7 MPa
42 MPa
56.5 °C
77 Shore D
Cell culture survival rate in vitro: 91.7%
Tensile Strength85 MPa70.5 MPa79.3 MPa42.6 MPa42 MPa42 MPa
Elasticity Modulus3.8 GPa2.6 GPa4.2 GPa2 GPa1.8 GPa274.3 MPa
Elongation at Break3%14.1%2.2%49.4%2.5%11.8%
Bending Strength97.4 MPa93.8 MPa120.6 MPa35.3 MPa65 MPa77.7 MPa
Flexural Modulus3.2 GPa2.5 GPa4 GPa1.5 GPa2.3 GPa2.1 GPa
Impact Strength47.5 J/m-30 J/m---
Distortion Temp at 0.45MPA102 °C82 °C140.7 °C45 °C115 °C56.5 °C
Hardness86 Shore D85 Shore D90 Shore D80 Shore D80 Shore D77 Shore D
Standard ColorYellow Trans / BlackYellow Trans / BlackYellow Trans / BlackYellow Trans / BlackYellow TransYellow Trans / Black
Additional-Yield Elongation: 5.68%
Yield Stress: 70.5Mpa
Tg 172 °CYield Elongation: 5.6%Cell culture survival rate in vitro: 81.7%Cell culture survival rate in vitro: 91.7%

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