3D printing firm unveils machine for micro-precision

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

The microArch S240 is built upon BMF’s patented Projection Micro Stereolithography technology or PµSL, a technique that allows for rapid photopolymerisation of an entire layer of liquid polymer using a flash of UV light at micro-scale resolution. The superior production of intricate, exact, and replicable parts makes PµSL optimal for end-part and prototyping use cases across a wide range of industries, including medical device manufacturing, microfluidics, MEMS, biotech and pharma, electronics, education, and research and development.

To meet the unique requirements of industrial production, the microArch S240 has a larger build volume (100 X 100 X 75MM / 750 cm3) and up to ten times faster print speeds, enabling the production of bigger parts, or a higher throughput of smaller parts, while achieving the same 10 µm resolution, +/- 25 µm tolerance as other BMF printers. Users can print using a number of industrial-grade materials with attributes, including mirror finishes, sharp edges and smooth channels, that are suitable for end-use applications or prototypes meant to seamlessly mirror end parts.

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