Boost Your 2020 Product Development

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

DEVELOP3D’s round-up of 30 new technologies from around the world that could give your 2020 product development work a major boost

DEVELOP3D writes in-depth, hands-on reviews to help firms make informed decisions. They explore how leading firms are getting the most out of the latest technologies to deliver better products, faster.

Thanks to relentless innovation, there has never been more new tools available to help design and engineering professionals bring their ideas to life.

As a result, navigating today’s marketplace can be a thrilling journey, but also a bewildering one. DEVELOP3D created a guide to help you navigate today’s tools for product development.

To help you explore what’s available, DEVELOP3D put together this list of 30 new technologies that they believe will transform product development, design, and manufacturing. The D3D 30 is picked entirely on merit.

Some of these products come from established old hands in the game; others from fresh-faced start-ups. Some you may have read about previously on these pages; others may be entirely new to you.

BMF MicroArch S130

Following its initial launch in Asia, BMF’s MicroArch 3D printer is now being rolled out globally.

MicroArch uses a proprietary approach to DLP 3D printing named PµSL (Projection Micro- Stereolithography).

This leverages light, high-precision optics and increased motion control to produce parts at a scale more than 100 times smaller than a human hair.

In industries such as medical devices and small electronics packaging, the technology should outperform the traditional approach of injection moulding, where complex mouldings can start at $200,000, but only require sub 10,000-unit production runs.

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