Honey I Shrunk the Print… microArch™ S240

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), known for its one of a kind Micro Printers has introduced the microArch™ S240, able to go even smaller!  That’s right with companies producing even bigger printers every day; BMF has always strived to go in the other direction. So, what does this new printer bring to the table?

Instead of how big can it go they are aiming for accuracy and ultra-high resolution prints.  On September 23, 2020 they introduced their highest resolution printer yet.  The microArch™ S240, first of its generation and the only micro-precision 3D printer.  It was designed with industry in mine.

The microArch™ S240 is a resin printer with a large build volume.  Its build volume of 100 X 100 X 75MM / 750 cm3 allows for the one large very accurate part or several smaller parts.  It has an incredible resolution of 10 µm, +/- 25 µm tolerance.  The printer uses a patented technique called Projection Micro Stereolithography technology or PµSL.  It uses UV light but at a micro-scale.

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