Introducing microArch S240, BMF’s industrial micro-precision 3D printer

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

Micro-scale 3D printing company Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has introduced its latest system, which it calls the “first and only micro-precision 3D printer designed to meet the needs of short-run industrial production.” The new machine, the microArch S240, offers a larger build volume and up to 10 times faster printing speeds than BMF’s preceding 3D printer models.

BMF’s new microArch S240 system is based on its patented Projection Micro Stereolithography process, also known as PµSL. The technology uses a flash of UV light at micro-scale resolution to quickly photopolymerize an entire layer of liquid polymer. While most of BMF’s systems offer the same resolution (10 µm) and accuracy ( +/- 25 µm), the new microArch S240 stands out for its significantly larger build area (100 x 75 mm). This feature enables users to produce larger components or to produce larger batches of small components for industrial-scale production.

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