New Micro-Precision 3D Printer From BMF: microArch S240

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

BMF has released details about their new industrial-grade 3D printer targeting the micro parts market – the microArch S240.

Projection Micro-Stereolithography

The Boston-based company has been on our pages earlier this year when they revealed their technology. The resin-based 3D printing process they use is called “PμSL”, for “Projection Micro-Stereolithography”. PμSL is able to achieve an astonishing resolution of 2μ, or 0.002mm. This is accomplished due to some technological magic that allows them to project UV light in extreme resolution.

Evidently they’ve created several different resins that can be used in the PμSL process, including:

  • GR — Hard
  • HEK — Strong & Tough
  • HTL — High Temp, Low Viscosity
  • UTL — Tough
  • BIO — Biocompatible

These offer a variety of engineering properties, allowing BMF clients to select the right material for the job. Presumably they are developing additional materials to add to their portfolio in the future.

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