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James Chandler is a Lecturer at the University of Leeds in Leeds, UK where he teaches electro and surgical robotics.

Chandler develops soft surgical systems at the University of Leeds. Part of Chandler’s research involved developing small-scale soft robotic endoscopes, which required a high-precision 3D printer. The team explored other 3D printing options but continued to hit limits on the parts they could achieve. The ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision of BMF’s micro 3D printers provide parts with the scale Chandler’s team hoped to achieve.

Watch the video to learn how BMF’s technology helped his team micro 3D print their soft robotic endoscopes at a scale unachievable by any other 3D printer in his lab.

Whitepaper •

Attain Ultra-High Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution in Micro 3D Printed Parts for Medical Devices

Prototypes and production parts are more difficult to make using 3D printing technologies when miniaturization is a critical factor. This is particularly true for manufacturing precision medical components used in cell therapy, diagnostics, cardiovascular, and structural heart applications.

Read this white paper to learn how micro-precision 3D printing is helping to solve two common challenges within medical device manufacturing. 
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