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Learn How PµSL Works

BMF’s printers use a patented 3D printing technology called Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) to print ultra-high resolution, precision, and accuracy parts. Wondering how it works? Watch this video animation explaining BMF’s PµSL process.

PµSL prints in the top down direction of SLA. However rather than using a small spot laser, the entire image, or a section of the image is cured as done in DLP processes. A thin plastic membrane that is consistently stretching and leveling the uncured resin within the vat. This process fabricates micro-sized parts with top notch resolution, at much faster speeds than traditional microfabrication techniques. By using this technology, current additive users can push and extend the limitations of traditional SLA and DLP technologies while new users can unlock capabilities within their business that were once unachievable.

For more information, download the complete whitepaper:

Introduction to 3D Printing with PµSL