Part of the Week – Endoscope Shell

BY Nita Vaidya-Zannino

Every week we are highlighting a different part printed on a BMF printer and discuss the part’s specs, highlights, and uses.

This week we’re featuring an Endoscope Shell. Endoscope shells cover the camera at the end of an endoscope and can be customized to the equipment’s needs.

Here are the specs for this Endoscope Shell:

  • Printer Model – microArch P140
  • Resolution – 10 µm
  • Tolerance – ±0.025mm
  • Tube Diameter – 1.2mm
  • Length – 4mm
  • Minimum Wall thickness – 65 µm
  • Features – several types of complex structures are included

Tune in next week for more applications of micro 3D printing.