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3D Printing for Hearing Health Components

Sonion produces hearing health components. In this video, Sally van der Most, Development Support Services Manager at Sonion, talks about how BMF’s PµSL 3D printing technology enabled Sonion to rapidly protoype hearing health components without having to go through the full process of creating molds for injection molding which can take four to six weeks.

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“The quality and accuracy of BMF PuSL parts is very unique, and truly mimic expensive micro molded parts, and now we can have parts ready for test within 1-2 days rather than 1-2 months, as well as reducing the huge costs associated with tooling manufacture and reworking as the new products evolve.

We can also explore designs previously out of reach due to manufacturing limitations. Our main focus is to lift our prototyping capabilities to the highest possible level, both in quality and speed. BMF will help us to accomplish that.”

–Sally van der Most, DSS Manager, Sonion

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