BMF Announces Initiative to Develop and Incubate New Products Enabled by PµSL

BY Nita Vaidya

September 21 2022Boston, San Diego, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tokyo – Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) announces today the opening of a new research and development center in San Diego, CA..  The BMF Research Institute is being formed specifically to develop and incubate end-product ideas that are uniquely enabled by BMF’s micro-3D printing platform.

Since shipping first systems beginning in 2018, over 300 of BMF’s micro-3D printing systems have been adopted by customers worldwide.  These systems are being used for prototyping, development, research and production qualification.  Industry segments that have most embraced this platform are in fields such as electronics, optics/photonics, medical device, microfluidics and life sciences.  BMF’s Projection Micro Stereolithography or PµSL platform was developed to fulfill a high value need in the additive manufacturing market that was not being sufficiently addressed by incumbent technologies.  These are parts that are typically on the centimeter scale, with tolerance requirement often in the lower tens of micron range.  Dozens of industrial customers, having tested and utilized these systems for development, now see the potential for end-part production.  BMF continues to work to satisfy the needs of these customers, improve on the platform and ensure requirements of production are met.

However, today marks the beginning of a second leg for the company.  “After being in the market for a few years, we now see that there are multiple end-products that are uniquely enabled by our platform”, stated John Kawola, CEO of Boston Micro Fabrication.  “We are currently working with researchers, product designers and other collaboration partners on new product ideas.  We recently raised additional capital to continue the development of our platform.  But these funds will also be used for end-product development and commercialization.  We expect these two legs will be complimentary to each other with the broader goal of unleashing the power of additive manufacturing in micro-manufacturing”.

The new efforts will be led by Dr. Chunguang Xia, CTO and CoFounder of BMF.  The new center will engage in research and engineering with cooperation with other BMF’s engineering groups and research centers in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tokyo and Boston.