Micro 3D printing: When tiny parts mean big impact

Most conversations around additive manufacturing have focused on printing larger and larger parts, yet many of the world’s products are actually getting smaller and smaller. Think of all the tiny parts that are nestled into the handheld electronics we use on a daily basis, for example, or within the devices that make new forms of microscopic exploration and implantation possible in the medical field.

Can Microscale 3D Printing Reduce Surgeries for Glaucoma Sufferers?

Additive manufacturing (AM) sometimes offers a simpler approach to production compared to conventional manufacturing, but just as often, AM is chosen because it permits a design advantage other processes cannot achieve. Eye stents used in glaucoma surgery might be an application that achieves both. Microscale 3D printing promises to simplify how these eye stents are made, while also improving the experience for the patient by reducing the number of glaucoma surgeries from two to only one.

Micro 3D Printing for Tiny Connectors: The Cool Parts Show S3E4

The well-known benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) include geometric complexity and reduced lead time, but Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) is advancing a potential benefit that is less well known. That is, AM can provide an efficient and accessible means of making tiny parts — parts that are so small it might take a microscope to see them clearly.

BMF MicroArch S240 Offers Microprecision Industrial 3D Printing

Boston Micro Fabrication’s (BMF) microArch S240 is a microprecision 3D printer designed to meet the needs of short-run industrial production. The printer combines a large build volume, fast printing speeds and advanced materials with ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision.

BMF microArch S240 offers microscale 3D printing

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) has introduced the microArch S240, a microprecision 3D printer designed for short-run industrial production. It employs the company’s patented projection micro stereolithography technology (PµSL), a technique…

Editor’s Pick: Micron-resolution production 3D printing

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) introduces the microArch S240, the first micro-precision 3D printer suitable for industrial production. This new model increases build volume, speed and material capacity compared to the company’s previous model.